Therapeutic Counselling


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you experiencing the same cycle of events over and over, with seemingly no way out?
  • Are you having feelings of confusion or finding it hard to concentrate?


I provide a safe, emphatic, non-judgemental space to air your thoughts.


Using a person-centred approach to counselling, I am able to gain a deep understanding of what is important to you and support you along your journey so you can take back control and gain understanding in your life. 


Sessions are usually weekly and cost £50 

What to expect from your counselling session


Starting counelling for the first time can be daunting but be rest assured I will talk you through the process and we will always go at your pace. You are never pressured into disclosing anything you are not ready to talk about. The relationship between counsellor and client is paramount in the therapeutic process, so to achieve this we will be open and honest with each other, non-judgemental and understanding.


I will use your verbal and non-verbal language cues to gain knowledge of what you say, do and how you feel, sometimes these will be different, and I will let you know when I notice this so it can be discussed. I will question, I will challenge and sometimes you may feel a little uncomfortable and become emotional, either within the counselling setting or later outside.


I will notice patterns of behaviour or language that you may not have noticed in yourself or only notice when I repeat back your words and summarise. You will be given the space to reflect on these learnings, make choices and decisions that will give you back the feeling of control in your life.


Within the counselling session there can be talking, silence, laughter, tears, and smiles as well as many frowns. You may feel an array of feelings including sadness, frustration, pride, love, anger and shame, but I will be with you, alongside you, supporting you, so you are never alone. I will share your burdens, so they will not feel so heavy. This whole process will help you to gain peace and understanding within yourself for your past, present and future.


Face to Face 

Counselling in Grantham, in a quite confidential home clinic.

UK Wide Web/Video

Counselling, using a confidential secure web-based Clinical System called Cliniko.

Recent Testimonials


I had 9 Sessions with Natasha, "Thank you so much for all of your help over the last few months. You have really helped me to realise that I am my own person and it is okay to make decisions for myself. I cannot thank you enough. I have been feeling so much better this past week and I can manage my emotions a lot more - small things are no longer bothering me! I would have never got to this point if I hadn't come to see you and I'm so glad I did. You made me feel comfortable and safe and helped me to get rid of any bad feelings about going to therapy. The work you do is incredible and you should be so proud of the change you help people to make in their lives. I cannot thank you enough" (M - Grantham)


"I have been having weekly counselling sessions with Natasha for 10 months. It was the best decision for my own self-care and mental health that I have made. She is understanding, compassionate, patient, and non-judgemental; everything you need from a counsellor. I would thoroughly recommend her services." (S - Lincolnshire)


"I've seen Natasha over a year now and our relationship has grown very strong. Natasha is very warm, friendly, caring and very confidential. I don't know how i would have gotten through 2020 without her support. She always seems to have a solution to any issue that i may be facing and I leave our sessions feeling motivated, happier but also like there is someone who cares about me. I have had many therapists over the last 20 years and Natasha is one of the best". (H - Lincolnshire)


I had 12 sessions with Natasha, "I am allowed to be myself and figure out my self worth, thank you for your help". (J - Lincolnshire)